HC2000 Hydraulic Chute

The HC2000 squeeze chute from Powder River is a game changer for cattle producers because it puts hydraulic power at an affordable price. Less than some manual chutes! Built on the 2000 series chassis which was designed for cattlemen and operations of all sizes. Featuring a wide opening curtain-style headgate that gives cattle a clear visual path through the chute, facilitating smooth exits and easy flow. In turn, maximizing your efficiency, saving you time and money. The HC2000 also features:

-split tailgate                      -rack and pinion gearing on center squeeze and head gate

-split kick pans                  – neck extenders

-right side exit                   -adjustable floor


The HC2000 chute is a great addition to any size operation and provides a safer more efficient option. Wired for 110V operation but can be converted to 220V if needed. 5 Year warranty on manufacture defects (less hydraulics).

Not ready for hydraulics just yet? Take a look at the C2000. The same platform as the HC2000 in a manual configuration. To find out more, CLICK HERE

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