HC2500 Deluxe

The new HC2500 hydraulic squeeze chute is a game changer. The updated chassis is tough and incorporates favorite features from the latest engineering efforts.  The Deluxe model of the 2500 series chutes includes the Hydraulically actuated Headgate, Center squeeze, and Tailgate available on the Standard model. All of these components utilize the enhancement of a rack and pinion gear-set. The Deluxe model comes with durable urethane yokes to further limit up and down head movement. Setting the Deluxe apart from our standard offering are the Hydraulic Neck control on the headgate, the Hydraulic floor/side width control, the integrated Palpation Cage or Vet Access, the addition of the butt-bar ratchet system in the rear kickpans, and last but not least the pedastal controls to allow the operator to determine where they stand when the chute is in operation.

The 2500 series incorporates the toughest tailgate built by Powder River. It is fast and great at traffic control at the back of the chute. Utilizing the rack and pinion on the center squeeze ensures an equal and secure catch on the cattle to calm them and keep them still during whatever procedures you have planned.

The large kick pans offer great underneath access, and the drop fingers along the side of the squeeze give great access anywhere along the side of the animal you need to brand, inject, inspect, or maybe just deliver a few reassuring pats. The drop fingers are the same smooth slam latch closure that Powder River chutes are famous for. The width of the chute floor is adjustable with the provided lever bar. A pair of specialized plates on the floor make this adjustment simple and easy.

The 2500 series of chutes incorporates an upgraded motor and pump set over the 2000 series. This motor and pump set comes wired for 220v operation.

This chute is a game changer. A vet recently stated that “this is the safest chute I have ever worked in”. We get excited thank-you’s from operations that have implemented this chute into their working systems. It’s not an inexpensive chute but its one worth your consideration. Give our sales team a chance to show you one in person.

Order Number: 003-43800



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