Super Classic Panels

Powder River’s Super Classic Panels are not just for rodeos anymore. Today’s cattle breeds are taller than ever and need the extra height that the Super Classic provides. These panels are 70” tall which is 6” taller than our standard Classic Panels. Super Classic Panels include the same number of 14-gauge rails, 13-gauge frame, same 14-gauge vertical supports as 64” Classic Panels and will connect to them as well. The difference is the square corners and the extra height. The square corner also makes these panels great for horses.


Order # Description
022-00103 Super Classic Panel 3′
022-00104 Super Classic Panel 4′
022-00106 Super Classic Panel 6′
022-00108 Super Classic Panel 8′
022-00110 Super Classic Panel 10′
022-00112 Super Classic Panel 12′
022-00114 Super Classic Panel 14′
022-00116 Super Classic Panel 16′


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