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World-class service.

We take being the rancher’s partner seriously. That’s why Powder River offers well-trained staff at your local store, accessible customer service, and plenty of online resources to help you out—from assembly and usage to troubleshooting. Your local supply store is stocked with great Powder River equipment. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, our specialized staff can answer any of your questions and help you find equipment that meets your needs.

Featured Products:

  • John Anderson


    Best products and great service. I will definitely be purchasing from them again. I am very pleased with my new gate for my cattle.
  • Kasey King


    We ran The Richfield Livestock Auction for 40 years before selling it. It’s been sold for almost 20 years now and the Powder River Gates are still in pristine condition with a little faded paint!
  • Lisa Moul

    The ONLY gates you will find at my farm! Thank you for building such durable products!
  • Beth


    We have 3 different powder river chutes to work cattle and countless gates! Our latest addition is the head catch. Makes it so much nicer to work cattle. Quality product!!

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