1500 Series Working Systems

The 1500 Series Tubs and Alleys are a lighter weight, price conscious line of tubs and alleys designed specifically to meet the needs of producers with smaller herds. The pin together design makes these systems easy to set up. Coupled with the lightweight design, these systems are very portable and can serve as a second working facility. The 1500 Series Tubs and Alleys offer great functional features that will allow you to work your animals safely and efficiently at a low cost.

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The features of these systems promote safer animal handling by working with the animals natural instincts, reducing stress and pressure on the cattle. Plus, strong connections and construction provide a solid barrier between operators and the animals.

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Pin Together Design

The pin together design makes these cattle systems easy set up and take down. The pins also make it easy to add sections of alley if needed.

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The lighter weight design of the 1500 Series makes them optimal for portable systems, or to use as a remote working system.

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Price Conscious

These systems were made with the smaller cattle producer in mind, who might not need a heavier duty system yet. However, the 1500 series still has great and useful features to make working cattle faster, easier, and safer.

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