S2K 2500 series working system set up in a field

2500 Series Working Systems

The 2500 Series Working Systems are the top of the line and are for producers who require the absolute best in their working equipment. These systems are designed to withstand high volume and heavy use. The 2500 Series working systems are highly configurable and can be laid out to meet your operational needs. Plus, Powder River can help you find the right configuration for you via our Ranch Call program. Accommodating features make working animals safer, faster, and easier. Producers that demand the best will appreciate the efficiency of the 2500 Series and love the durability.

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The features of these systems promote safer animal handling by working with the animals natural instincts, reducing stress and pressure on the cattle. Plus, strong connections and heavyweight construction provide a solid barrier between operators and the animals.

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Built to Last

The heavy design of the 2500 Series Working Systems makes it so you can focus more on your cattle and worry less about your equipment. Built with high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and design.

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Increase Your Efficiency

Designed with low stress handling and maximum animal flow, the 2500 Series works hard to help you get more done. Plus, intelligent features and designes makes these systems easy to use.

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Built How You Want

The way these systems are engineered, they allow you the flexibility to design a working system the way that you want it. Powder River Representatives are available to help design the system that works the best for you.

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