About Us:

Powder River has been doing it right for a long time. As a brand, we celebrated 82 years in the livestock equipment industry in 2020. We have plans to be around for another century. We hear stories from all over the country from ranchers and cattle producers talking about how they are still using a gate that they helped hang as a kid. It is not uncommon to see Powder River chutes, working systems, or even gates that are 40+ years old and are still an integral part of the operation. Powder River equipment new and old can be found all around the country, and as we like to say, “America’s ranches are our show room.” We believe and work hard so that that idea will be true in another 80 years.



In 1938 in Baker City, Oregon, Powder River established its roots that would become the leader in livestock handling equipment to this day. The first original squeeze chute then brought into production. Innovation and improvement moved Powder River forward.


Powder River moved its headquarters to Provo, Utah in 1961 integrating its initiative to improve cattle handling equipment while moving closer to an American Made Steel. Provo is currently the headquarters.


While focusing on safe and efficient equipment, Powder River has advanced in all areas of cattle equipment today. Incorporating hydraulic chutes while advancing in steel strength and durability. Powder River is here to assist every rancher’s needs.



Brian Manwarring


Educated with an engineering background, Brian has helped shape the 2000 series chutes.

Matt Johnson


Website, catalog and marketing design, Matt is the face of Powder River.

Brian Adix


Brian’s years of selling livestock equipment gives him unparalleled knowledge. Contact him at brian.adix@powderriver.com

Diane Hunter

Inside Sales Manager

Contact Diane: dhunter@powderriver.com

Brad Stouwie

Territory Sales Manager

Contact Brad: brad.stouwie@powderriver.com

Kenny McIntire

Territory Sales Manager

Contact Kenny: kenny.mcintire@powderriver.com

Kody Hayes

Territory Sales Manager

Contact Kody: kody.hayes@powderriver.com

T. Saunders

Territory Sales Manager

Contact T: t.saunders@powderriver.com

Pat Mallon

Territory Sales Manager

Contact Pat: pat.mallon@powderriver.com

It’s the people behind the brand, that make the difference at Powder River.