2000 Series Chutes in Operation

Introducing the most unrivaled and efficient chutes on the market. The 2000 Series Chute satisfies the common rancher with all of his wants and needs.

HC2000 Hydraulic Chute

Our Most popular hydraulic chute. The HC2000 is great for all around Cow-Calf operations. Wide opening headgate is fast and easy to use. Hydraulics make life easier with low effort operation.
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The manual headgates from the 2000 series chutes are fast and easy to use. With wide openings the Curtain or (C) varient is a popular choice. Its also really fast to operate and has a great Rack and Pinion gearset that makes it smooth to catch and release.
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S2000 with Stabilizer option.

We make all types of headgates and the Self Catch headgate is a great option. Effective for when your working shorthanded the self catch is smooth and easily adjustable for animal size. The
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