Powder River representative on a ranch call

The Ranch Call Program will help you design, create, draft, order, implement, and solve your working equipment needs.

The Powder River “Ranch Call” Program was created to help producers get the most out of their cattle equipment investment. Having a Powder River team member visit your ranch or farm to help you evaluate your system or plan for a new installation can make all the difference. There is no substitute for experience and Powder River has over 80 years helping producers across the country design safe and functional working facilities.

Layout Design

Many times, system layouts start as ideas. We are able to help convert those ideas to real drawings. We have literally received
drawings on napkins and been able to help a customer realize success. We can take advantage of layouts we have on file as well as our knowledge of what is possible with given sets of equipment. Tie all that up with our knowledge of cattle behavior and handling and we are able to provide support to the cattlemen that they would struggle to find anywhere else.

Product Assembly

Part of the Ranch Call Program is product assembly. While most of our working systems and products are easy and intuitive to set up, sometimes it is nice to have a factory trained representative there to help ensure things are set up correctly. Additionally, they can help you double check that you have all the necessary adapters and pieces, or answer any questions that you have about your equipment or any new items in Powder River’s product line.

Get Started

    With over 80 years of being the ranchers partner, Powder River is knowledgeable and willing to help any producer find success. Let us share our knowledge and you can make your best decisions.

    Whatever it is from feeding, crowding, sorting, or just alleyway flow; we have created and implemented solutions for a wide variety of operations.

    Of course we are going to lean toward Powder River products, it is what we do. But it doesn’t mean we are going to lead someone into a solution they don’t want or need.

    The Ranch Call program is low pressure and we try to work with a dealer you are already doing business with. Low Pressure reduces stress and provides better outcomes. (it works with cattle too..)