Layout Design

A Powder River Representative will help with the planning of each handling system with recommendations and implementing advantages of certain layouts. These layouts then can be converted into an accurate CAD design to fit your needs.

Product Assembly

Product Assembly can be aided by one of our representatives to help minimize the stress of setting up any system ordered. These representatives are available to suggest additional items that would be useful for your operation.


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Specific, precise drawings of your corral system.

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Representative can help with wants and needs of any system.

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Large or small, cheap or expensive, we can do it.

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Representatives have knowledge of additional supplies needed for each system.

With over 80 years of being the ranchers partner, Powder River is knowledgeable and willing to help any producer find success. Let us share our knowledge and you can make your best decisions.

Whatever it is from feeding, crowding, sorting, or just alleyway flow; we have created and implemented solutions for a wide variety of operations.

Of course we are going to lean toward Powder River products, it is what we do. But it doesn’t mean we are going to lead someone into a solution they don’t want or need.

The Ranch Call program is low pressure and we try to work with a dealer you are already doing business with. Low Pressure reduces stress and provides better outcomes. (it works with cattle too..)

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