1500 Tub and Alley 90° Sweep

The 1500 Tub and Alley 90° Sweep System from Powder River is a value-conscious product that puts the benefits of the long time knowledge and engineering of powder river working systems in reach of the producer who needs to work a small herd or perhaps needs a lighter working system for a second location.

The 1500 Series System features:

•An 8’ sweep gate with positive stops.
•16’ of Adjustable Alley
•14 Gauge 1 ½” Square Tubing.
•Over and under tub supports.
•A roll-gate tub exit for traffic control.
•Fully adjustable alley.
•90° Sweep Tub
•Pin and Clevis Assembly.
•Complete tub and alley

Order Number: 016-00010


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8′ Add-on Alley sections are available here.

Add-on Alley Sections


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