Boss Gates

The Boss Gates are a 2″ tube 48” tall gate. Constructed out of a 14 gauge frame and 16 gauge tube rail structure, the Boss gate is tough. Additionally, the corners are squared and it comes with a collared style threaded rod hinge. These gates are perfect for field fencing, property, or driveway gates and is powder coated brown to blend in to general surroundings.

Order # Description
034-11004 Boss Gate 4′ x 48″
034-11006 Boss Gate 6′ x 48″
034-11008 Boss Gate 8′ x 48″
034-11010 Boss Gate 10′ x 48″
034-11012 Boss Gate 12′ x 48″
034-11014 Boss Gate 14′ x 48″
034-11016 Boss Gate 16′ x 48″


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