Calving/Health Pen

Loss of income due to losing calves can make or break a producer. Powder River’s 10 by 10-foot Calving Pen can pay for itself in the first season and add to your bottom line for years to come. This Unit also makes an excellent sick pen.

ORDER NUMBER: 008-00100


  • Safe and efficient pen for calving or doctoring
  • Self-Catching Headgate with safety release mechanism releases quickly and easily if an animal goes down
  • Split squeeze panels, allowing full access while ensuring a safe confinement situation for operator and animal
  • Panels and gates are 14-gauge, 1.5 inch square tubing.
  • Self-Catching Headgate with Safety Release Mechanism has two emergency trip releases that quickly relieves pressure on an animal’s neck if needed
  • Both Calving Pen squeeze panels swing 180 degrees  completely out of the way
  • Both Calving Pen squeeze panels are split, allowing full access while helping to maintain safety
  • 10-foot gate is fitted with a sure latch closure for ease of use during one-man operation. Rope and cleat device keeps the animal contained
  • The 30-inch roll gate in the front of the calving pen provides easy access for operator and is self-locking in closed position


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