Dog Kennels

Powder River Dog Kennels are designed to meet the needs of both you and your dog. Spacious construction gives your pal ample room to play and stretch out. A lockable easy slam latch and strong construction makes sure that your dog is secure, and the thick wire on the kennel panels makes them suitable for large dogs. The heavy-duty construction and powder coat finish provides durability for these outdoor dog kennels. The powder coat finish adds additional benefits in being easy to clean off regularly ensuring a more hygienic space for your dog. Easy to install connectors make setting up and taking down quick and painless and allows multiple kennels to be set up together. Several size options are available, as well as different types of connectors.

The following are the order numbers for the inline connectors.

Order # Description
009-11100 DK 10′ X10′ Complete Cnnect
009-11105 DK 10′ X 5′ Complete Cnnect
009-10105 DK Panel 10’X74″ w/Connector
009-10110 DK Front 10’X74″ w/Connector
009-10115 DK Panel 5’X74″ w/Connector
009-10120 DK Front 5’X74″ Connector
009-00035 Dog Kennel Connector
009-00050 Dog Kennel 3Way Connector


These part numbers represent the dog kennels components with butterfly clamp connections.

Order # Description
009-11200 DK 10’X10′ Complete w/ Bttrfly
009-11205 DK 10’X5′ Complete w/ Bttrfly
009-10205 DK Panel 10’X74″ w/ Bttrfly
009-10210 DK Front 10’X74″ w/ Bttrfly
009-10215 DK Panel 5’X74″ w/ Bttrfly
009-10220 DK Front 5’X74″ w/ Bttrfly


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