S1500 Self-Catch Chute

The S1500 Self-Catch Squeeze chute is a great option for producers with smaller herds.The S1500 features a self-catching headgate that allows the chute to be easily operated by one person. A fully adjustable floor means you can adjust the chute for a wide range of animal sizes. However, this chute is only rated for animals up to 1500 lbs. The 1500 Chute series features a roll-door tailgate that is simple and easy to use, and a center squeeze for added control. Additionally, the S1500 has useful and practical features. Five drop-down fingers span both sides of the chute, granting access to the animal. A full length solid kick pan, and a right-side exit for safety and convenience. The S1500 squeeze chute is a great platform at an affordable price.

Order Number:001-52000


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