The new HC2500 series hydraulic squeeze chutes are a serious game changer. The chassis is the strongest and most robust of all the Powder River line of chutes. Additionally, the HC2500 series incorporates the toughest headgate and tailgate built by Powder River. Fast and precise traffic control give you full control at the chute. Utilizing the rack and pinion on the center squeeze ensures an equal and secure catch on the cattle. The Standard HC2500 floor width is adjustable with the provided lever bar. A pair of specialized plates on the floor make this adjustment simple and easy.

Setting the Deluxe apart from our standard offering are the Hydraulic Neck control on the headgate, the Hydraulic floor/side width control, the integrated Palpation Cage, the addition of the butt-bar ratchet system in the rear kickpans, and last but not least mobile controls to allow the operator to work the chute controls from various positions. This hydraulic chute is easy to use and incredibly durable.

The 2500 series comes with an upgraded motor and pump set.